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Nina Hofmann Küppers

Name: Nina Hofmann Küppers

Born: 8/15/1988

Raised: Stockholm, Sweden

Lives: Visbohammar, Sweden

Nina got her first pony when she was 7 years old and has competed in dressage since she was 9 years old. She started on the D-pony and was with both their ponies Vallery and Lassilo with the national team. They made many investments and profits both in Sweden and internationally. When Nina was 15, she began to ride the horse Leo af Magnushöj. She has been involved in all three national teams at first as a junior and then as a young rider and last but not least a member of the senior national team.

Nina has taken many gold medals and placements in all categories both in Sweden and internationally. Nina is the youngest rider ever in Sweden which won the Grand Prix and Nina and Leo have been very successful. The biggest highlight was when she was a finalist for the Dressage World Cup.

Today Nina is in full training for Grand Prix with the horses Lusingando and Shorena. In the stable there are also a number of promising young horses aged five to ten years.

About the PS of Sweden says Nina this "PS of Sweden has a variety of fine and" clever "products, but as my horses have appreciated most is the new anatomic bridle with pressure distribution, which made a difference to the equestrian sense."

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