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Lisa Wilcox

Name: Lisa Wilcox

Born: 9/8/1966

Raised: Thousand Oaks, Kalifornien, USA

Lives: Wellington, USA


It all started with my father's western horses. Since I grew up on a cattle ranch in Colorado, dealing with 
animals was something my six brothers and sisters and I did every day. We drove, separated and caught cattle on horseback, broke in young horses and trained them for working with cattle herds – just like everyone probably imagines they do in the romantic Wild West.

My German husband at that time, Jan Ebeling, awakened my interest and love for dressage. He gave clinics in the US and it was crazy fun for me to ride "curlicues" in a dressage ring. After I moved to California, I learned the complete Grand Prix program from an Oldenburg gelding called Funny Boy.

My passion for dressage had been kindled and my ambition aroused – but I'd hit the ceiling in the US. So it was time to pack my bags and be off to the Mecca of dressage riding, to Germany and in my case, Herbert Rehbein. I spent four months training under him at Grönwohldhof near Hamburg in 1993. Rohdiamant, Relevant, Royal Diamond, Don Gregory, Friedensfürst, Jazz Time, Rosier, Regal Dancer, Danny Wilde, Roadster, Raoul, Revan – I wouldn't want to have missed a single one of them. Just the different personalities of my boys and differences in training level due to their differences in age was what made training at Gestüt Vorwerk so very appealing to me. 

With Rohdiamant I took the hurdle to Grand Prix and in 2000 we were appointed to the American Olympic dressage team. I passed my examination for a German diploma as a "Master in Horse Management" on Relevant, won team silver at the World Championships and finally team bronze at the Olympic Games with him. I owe it especially to these two stallions but also to Don Gregory and Friedensfürst that in 2001 I was the first American to ever reach the top ten of the world's best dressage riders.

The secret of this success? I go to an effort to make sure that the horses enjoy and understand their work, look forward to being ridden and want to cooperate. Even the most difficult movements are easily mastered in harmony with a horse this way. And if the "Do it with a smile" jumps over to the public – then it's dressage. 

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